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Dental Crowns: Address Dental Damage and Improve Your Well-Being

Teeth that are severely decayed or otherwise damaged can have a profoundly negative impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, you are likely very aware of this fact if you are considering a dental crown. At our dental office in Boston, MA, we can help if you experience pain, fatigue, difficulty chewing or speaking, or self-consciousness as a result of damaged teeth. Prosthodontist James M. Stein can provide a practical, long-term solution that can restore not only your oral health, but the appearance of your smile and your self-confidence as well.

Understanding Dental Crowns 

Dental crowns are ceramic restorations that encapsulate damaged teeth. Shaped and colored like natural teeth, they restore the functionality and appearance of teeth that have been worn down by decay or disease, as well as those that have been severely damaged as a result of a trauma. By being placed entirely over top of affected teeth (this property has led many people to refer to crowns as caps), crowns help prevent the need for extraction and safeguard against further decay.

After it has been placed, the crown improves function and appearance while preserving the tooth structure underneath.

Your Initial Consultation

We would be happy to evaluate your oral health and discuss your goals with you in detail if you have one or more damaged teeth. At the dental practice of Dr. James M. Stein, we believe that an informed patient is a happy patient, and we take every measure to ensure that our patients are well-informed of their treatment options. If you are considering dental crowns and reside in the greater Boston area, you can trust our team to provide you with uncompromising care. To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Stein, please contact our Boston dental office today.

Once the damaged or decayed portions of the tooth are removed, the remaining structure is protected by the crown.

Receive Your Restoration On the Same Day 

The placement of dental restorations typically requires two appointments: the first to take an impression of the teeth and the second to place the prosthetic. However, we can place dental crowns in just one appointment at our Boston dental office thanks to the use of the latest dental technology, including digital imaging and our CAD Single Visit Restoration system. This makes the procedure far more convenient for our patients and also allows us to ensure that the restorations meet exacting standards for fit and finish.

To begin the procedure, a small amount of tooth structure is removed; this is done both to ensure that any decayed or otherwise damaged material is removed before being covered by the prosthetic, and to provide space for the dental crown. Once the tooth has been reshaped, a digital impression will be taken of the affected tooth or teeth. This digital map of the tooth allows us to craft a customized dental crown with our E4D CAD/CAM restoration system. Fabricated from a single block of ceramic, the crown meets exacting specifications and the highest standards of quality. Once the fabrication is complete (the process typically takes less than an hour), the crown is placed over the affected tooth and bonded in place with dental cement. After it has been placed, the crown functions and looks just like a natural tooth and preserves the natural tooth structure underneath.

Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns 

As with any dental treatment, the placement of dental crowns can improve the health and appearance of your smile, the benefits of which are self-evident. If you have experienced adverse symptoms as a result of damage to a tooth, the placement of a dental crown can eliminate these symptoms altogether, allowing you to enjoy life without having to fear that your teeth will inhibit you. And having a smile that you can be proud of can boost your self-confidence and make you more willing to participate in social settings.

It is important to mind the potential risks associated with dental crowns before making a decision regarding your oral health. In rare instances, bacteria buildup can occur beneath the dental crown, which can result in infection or decay, and if the crown isn’t placed correctly, it can cause discomfort as well as impair functionality. These risks can be greatly mitigated through experience and a conservative approach, however. If you choose to receive a dental crown at our Boston practice, you can be assured that we will work diligently to provide you with superlative results.

Receive Restorative Care from a Prosthodontist 

There are a number of restorative dentistry treatments that can be employed to restore the health and beauty of your smile – dental crowns are just one such option. We encourage you to contact our dental office online if you suffer from poor oral health. You can also call us at (617) 227-6076 to discuss your condition and learn more about possible treatment options.

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