Cosmetic and Restorative Results: Smile Gallery

We invite you to browse our gallery and explore some of the exceptional results that Dr. Stein has achieved. These transformations are typical of the high-quality work that Dr. Stein and his team perform on a daily basis. With careful attention to detail, skilled techniques, and the use of sophisticated dental technology, Dr. Stein solves complex cases requiring cosmetic and restorative solutions to problems such as fractured teeth, gaps, or misaligned bites.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Stein may recommend a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as teeth whitening or the placement of porcelain veneers to create a beautiful smile. Or, if you are missing teeth due to trauma or disease,  Dr. Stein may suggest dental implants. View some of the cases below for examples of his work.


Trauma and Excessive Tooth Wear


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If you are impressed by the results you have seen in our gallery, please contact Dr. Stein to make an appointment. He can evaluate your dental needs and recommend a sound course of treatment, based on his years of experience as a dental professional.