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James M. Stein, DMD, offers fluoride treatments at his Boston, MA, practice to strengthen teeth against decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in many foods and public water supplies that has been shown to foster dental health. By applying fluoride directly to your teeth, Dr. Stein can help you maintain a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. To learn more about how you and your family can benefit from fluoride treatments, contact our practice today.

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Fluoride treatments help children and adults alike to avoid tooth decay. Virtually anyone who wants to take preventative steps against tooth decay is a candidate. Candidates should be in good oral health, and be willing to maintain oral hygiene after their fluoride treatments. Patients with existing tooth decay may need restorative care before receiving fluoride treatments.

You may be an especially good candidate for fluoride treatments if:

  • Your have dental restorations or orthodontics: The points at which dental crowns, bridges, and braces meet the underlying tooth are at high risk of decay.
  • You snack frequently: Exposing teeth to food more frequently throughout the day increases the risk of tooth decay.
  • Your teeth have deep pits or grooves: Some patients' teeth have chewing surfaces that are difficult to keep clean, even with regular brushing and flossing.

Meanwhile, fluoride treatments can also be highly beneficial for patients who have:

  • A history of cavities: Being prone to cavities typically indicates an ongoing lack of fluoride consumption. 
  • Gum disease and recession: Periodontal (gum) disease can cause the gums to recede, exposing the tooth roots and increasing the risk of decay. After addressing gum disease, fluoride treatment can fortify the teeth to prevent future complications.
  • Dry mouth: When there is a frequent lack of saliva due to disease, medication, or other factors, food particles and acid can accumulate and cause decay.
Fluoride treatments by Dr. James M. Stein can be performed using a gel, foam, or varnish.


While fluoride can be found in public water supplies, certain foods, and toothpaste, teeth often demineralize faster than the fluoride can provide its beneficial effects. Our treatments supply fluoride directly to the teeth to defend against decay.

Fluoride treatments by Dr. Stein can be performed using a gel, foam, or varnish. Your dentist will carefully apply the treatment to make sure the solution reaches every corner of your smile.

Fluoride applied using gels and foams can be washed away by eating or drinking before it achieves its full effect, so you will be advised to wait for at least 30 minutes after the treatment. Varnishes are painted onto teeth, and do not require you to wait to eat or drink.

The strengthening and protective benefits of fluoride treatment take full effect within hours of application. This remineralization can actually reverse early stages of tooth decay at a microscopic level. Following treatment, many patients can also experience significantly reduced tooth sensitivity when eating and drinking hot and cold items.

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We offer a range of advanced restorative treatments for compromised smiles, but we prefer to prevent tooth loss and other conditions before they happen. Contact us today to schedule your fluoride treatment.

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