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Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration: Different Kinds of Dental Stains

Intrinsic and extrinsic tooth discoloration are two kinds of dental stains that can cause your smile to look yellow, brown, or dingy. Find out which cosmetic dentistry treatment may be most helpful.

Teeth Whitening Risks

Dec 9, 2013 — by James Stein | Comments (0)
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Cosmetic dentist James Stein discusses teeth whitening risks. Both in-office and at-home professional teeth whitening pose some risks.

In Office vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening

Oct 8, 2012 — by James Stein | Comments (0)
Tags: Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening can be done at home or in our Boston office with Dr. James M. Stein. Learn more about in-office vs. at-home teeth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening and Sensitivity

Sep 7, 2011 — by James Stein | Comments (0)
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Teeth whitening is a great way for you to enhance the overall appearance of your smile, though some patients do note a certain degree of tooth sensitivity following treatment. There are many ways that this condition can be dealt with, which we’ll cover briefly right now.

Most Common Smile Makeover Treatments

A smile makeover means combining multiple treatments in order to achieve a comprehensive improvement of the health and appearance of the smile. Some of the most popular treatments in a smile makeover will be covered here in this post.