General Dentistry

Dental Technology

dental procedure

Our office is proud to offer some of the most advanced dental technology to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care available, with their comfort and safety as our highest priority. From implant procedures that are planned and guided by digital impressions and 3-D x-ray, we are constantly searching for exciting new techniques.

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Tooth-colored Fillings

dental fillings

Tooth-colored fillings, made of composite resin, are a more aesthetically-pleasing choice than traditional silver amalgam since they blend with the surrounding teeth. Not only are tooth-colored fillings discreet, but they are a safe and effective option. Metal fillings can expand and contract with changes in temperature, causing damage to the tooth, whereas tooth-colored fillings support and strengthen the tooth.

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Periodontal Care

periodontal care

Patients with bleeding and swollen gums may be at greater risk of developing more serious oral health issues such as periodontal disease and oral cancer. With proper in-office and at-home care, patients can improve the overall health of their gums and teeth. Dr. Stein will determine what is causing your gums to bleed and treat them accordingly. 

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Oral Cancer Screening

dental x-ray

As part of every oral examination, Dr. Stein will look for any signs of cancerous or precancerous growths. A patient's risk of oral cancer can increase with the use of alcohol, tobacco, and frequent sun exposure. Similar to other forms of the disease, early detection generally leads to better outcomes. If he notices any abnormal tissue, Dr. Stein may biopsy the area or make other treatment recommendations.

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Dental Cleanings

dental cleaning

Brushing, flossing, and following a healthy diet are excellent ways to keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. Regular, professional cleanings are just as important as a good daily oral hygiene regimen. A thorough cleaning will eliminate bacteria or decay and prevent more serious problems from developing. We suggest that you visit our office twice a year to maintain great oral health.

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Tooth Extractions

tooth x-ray

Extracting a tooth is never the first line of defense; Dr. Stein will exhaust all other options before recommending an extraction. In cases where he needs to extract a tooth Dr. Stein can perform a bone graft to preserve or rebuild the bone. Our staff will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. We will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions to follow so that recovery is as quick and painless as possible. You may opt to have a bridge, dental implant, dentures, or partial dentures placed to fill the gap.

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Emergency Care

emergency dentistry

We realize that emergencies, such as those involving cracked or fractured teeth, can happen even at the most inconvenient moment. For this reason, we are prepared to handle dental emergencies; you may contact our office’s 24-hour live answering service at any time to receive assistance.

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Fluoride Treatment

applying fluoride to a smile

Prevention plays a key role in oral health, and fluoride treatments are an effective way to protect against tooth decay. Though fluoride is found in public water supplies, supplements, and toothpaste, direct application of fluoride can provide even greater benefits.

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Teeth Grinding

man grinding his teeth

Constantly grinding or clenching your teeth (known as bruxism) can damage the tooth's enamel, fracture the structure of your tooth, or cause temporomandibular joint pain. Dr. Stein offers teeth grinding therapy and mouth guards at his practice to help patients break the habit.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

man clenches teeth

Affecting millions of individuals each year, obstructive sleep apnea is when the soft tissues in the back of the throat block the airways, resulting in severely interrupted sleep. These interruptions result in lowered energy levels, stress, fatigue, and irritability. Dr. Stein can prescribe a variety of medication, physical therapies, and bite splints to help improve symptoms.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Dr. Stein can implement a variety of temporomandibular joint disorder treatments that all aim to improve your symptoms. He can prescribe medication that helps pain management, physical therapy to improve jaw mobility, and bite splints to protect the teeth from bruxism. Dr. Stein can also recommend a softer diet that places less stress on the TMJ to further improve symptoms. 

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is needed when tooth decay extends into the tooth and causes the dental pulp to become inflamed or infected. Dr. Stein can remove inflamed and infected pulp from the root canal, clean the canal, and seal it to prevent further microbial invasion. A dental crown is then placed on the repaired tooth to restore form, function, and appearance.

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Soft Tissue Grafting

soft tissue graft
Gum recession can cause tooth roots to become exposed, resulting in dental sensitivity. When left untreated, infection can spread to the supportive bone structures, causing changes to your jawbone as well as tooth loss. Soft-tissue grafting can protect the strength and aesthetics of your smile.
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Scaling and Root Planing

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, our team can perform a scaling and root planing procedure to eliminate bacteria. During this multi-appointment treatment, we can remove plaque above and below the gum line so that your smile is as healthy as possible. 
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